H-Sites Reunion

Monday, April 24, 2006

Easter at Fort Polk

Here are the boys... Landry, Luke, and Everett. This was just before Easter, while the Azaleas were still in bloom at Ft. Polk. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Happy Spring/Summer to all of you!!!
Pink Hugs, Veronica

Monday, February 13, 2006

Billie's Back!!!

Billie Noey is doing great. She married Floyd and she is doing much better with her health. Billie says she is hoping to go back to work with KBR soon - but not in Iraq. I mentioned that alot of the Marez crew is in Djibouti now! How about it??? Here are a few pictures Billie sent.. one with her new hubby, Floyd. The other is with an Iraqi child when she was in Scania.

Miss ya, Billie - your "roomie!" -- Veronica

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not Too Long!!!

Hey - check it out! Tom Long has a blog as well... actually, I stole his idea!!!

Here's a picture from Tom's Blog.... his new ride! We had fun going out it in the other night!!!! Way too many Margaritas--but definitely a great time!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who'll Stop the Rain????

Andy Selko is now in Africa with alot of the former H-sites (Marez) crew. Here's his update:

"I am in Djibouti. Working in logistics. Living in a tent. There are some alumni here: Arien Arnold, Chuck Milligan, Jeff Eaves, Wiley Fletcher and Tom Flood.
Yes, it does rain here. This day we had about 4” of rain and since it’s flat it doesn’t run anywhere, just stacks up and up and up. About 6” right in front of my door."

It was great hearing from you, Andy! Stay in touch - and stay dry!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back in Iraq - Now the 1SG

Leon Tynes is back in Iraq, now serving as a First Sergeant in the Army. Here's a letter from Leon about his recent adventures! Stay safe, Leon and come home soon~!

I received an honorable discharge from the United States Army in 2003 after serving 17-years of service because the military offered me an early release from active duty. I thought that I was retired until June 2005.

In June 2005 I was reactivated back into the US Army (active duty) because of my specialty of being trained in both areas of Military Intelligence & Infantry (combat soldier). Being crossed-trained in both of these areas are rare therefore I was recalled back to duty to serve a one-year tour in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

I was deployed on 18, Sept 2005 and immediately promoted from Sergeant First Class (SFC/E-7) to First Sergeant (1SG/E-8). Before deployment, I had additional specialized training from the FBI & DOD agents from Washington, DC in areas of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)’s. I am the First Sergeant of several Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) located throughout four Regions of Iraq. My job is highly top-secret therefore I cannot go into details but let’s just say it is INTENSE.

As you can see on this picture I carry three weapons, two (9mm) and a M4 Machine Gun. I was stationed in Baghdad working with the US Army, then at Camp Blue Diamond working with the Marines and now I am stationed at Fallujah, Iraq working with the Marines 2D MAR DIV, and will continue to be here until Sept 2006. If you watch the series CSI on television then you will have a very good idea of what I and my teams do. In short, we collect body parts of the enemy.

As the chosen WIT Team Detachment-D NCOIC/LNO, I was honored to supervise and oversee great soldiers leading their teams. Being a former Infantry Drill Instructor, I am use to being away from my family but the courage these soldiers display are remarkable. Each and every one of them regardless of gender is managing to hold-it-together by being levelheaded to complete their mission. As Soldiers the WIT Teams does not allow personal feelings to interfere with their missions and for that I couldn’t be prouder to have such great WIT Teams.

After I left KBR in May 2004, I started my own Information Technology Company called T-Tech Solutions, Inc. This is a Computer Engineering Company and we specialize in Bio-Chemical & Weapons Systems Testing. I am currently in the process of merging with a larger 8-million dollar company so they can run my business while I’m deployed. Although my company only existed for a year, we are doing OK. I enjoyed the experienced working for KBR even though it was only for a short period. I would like to send a shout-out for those who remember me.

1SG Tynes, Leon B. II.
Weapons Intel Detachment-D NCOIC
TFC, Trends & Tactics / 2D MAR DIV

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Wendy Daigle is still at the H-sites! Here are a few pictures of her and her daughters while she was home on leave.

"T" is in Charge!

Tero Selman is now the Site Manager at FOB Oryan. This is a picture of him and his crew.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Out on the town! Hey Buddy!

From Ray Gelinas:
Here are some pics of Mark Hall and myself out at the (name removed) XXXXX's house in Q-west having lunch. I ate sooooo much.

Christmas Eve with "The Donald"

Here are some great pictures from Chris Hogg. He's now a Food Services Supervisor at the H-Sites. These are from Christmas Eve ... Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld visited the area.

Christmas Eve in Mosul

More of "The Donald"

Gone Bananas!

Arien Arnold in Ethiopia - "just hanging around."

Live From Djibouti!

Arien Arnold and Nathan Gregory are working in Logistics in Djibouti now.

Chuck from IT is there as well and Andy Selco (Billeting, still?) arrived within the last month.

From Arien: "here are some pics of me in Ethiopia with some monkeys..talk to you later."